Mihael Blikshteyn Photography | Corporate, Construction, Maritime & Industrial
Jagalchi Live Fish Market

commercial work

personal work

  • Portrait of a young Bohemian woman
  • Young woman in golden space suit on matching yellow rocks on a beach
  • Two young women flying off a red couch on helium balloons in front of a glacier
  • Young woman in a white dress exploring an abandoned wooden house with an oil lamp
  • Baker posing with his freshly-baked bread at a small-scale, artisan bakery
  • Woman relaxing on the coast
  • Channel Islands Marine Park Cleanup 2009
  • Graduate student sampling the intertidal
  • Fishing for Surfperch
  • Jagalchi Live Fish Market
  • Man playing golf on a sunny day on a beautiful golf course
  • Crab fisherman holding golden king crab
  • Dock workers offloading Golden king crab to a processing plant
  • Northeast Sakhalin Coastal Pink Salmon Fishery
  • Russian-built MI-8 helicopter, a flying workhorse of the Russian Far East
  • Braving the high seas
  • 3 Alaska Matson cargo ships
  • Matson Inc - 2017-01-06 Port of Tacoma Shoot by Mihael Blikshteyn
  • Aerial view of Washington State ferry and Pugest Sound at sunset
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